This is me - and much more ...

It is easy to put a few terms about my personality in order to be able to describe myself with it.


But the real inner light (the inner truth) - the true energy of being - all lies a lot lower and is much more complex than a few keywords can grasp.

Yoga, travel, people - plants - animals, awareness, family, laughter, movement, nature, joy ...


But where our gaze is no longer sharp enough and we simply do not know each other well enough to recognize the true light in us - there we meet outside and experience each other through experiences, moments or situations that were created intentionally or quite accidentally could be.

We meet in public space and sometimes get to know each other a little better. And that's not always easy. Getting to know each other better - because very often we are not quite ourselves or feel too constrained by external (or internal) circumstances to develop our true personality.

We don't often find the space and the opportunity to be close to ourselves and the people around us. And that's where yoga comes in. As a yoga teacher, I want to do more than just teach yoga. I want to give people the space - both figuratively and literally - to be allowed to be themselves. The own yoga mat offers the very private place of development.

Here it is allowed to get to know yourself better - in a playful way: sometimes relaxed, sometimes energetically, sometimes in contact with your own physical and mental limits. The inner outside is the yoga room.

There we come into contact with one another as a group and are protected from cramped external stimuli, which very often influence us. Yoga plays the role of the medium, which enables us to experience our self and each other in a relaxed and calm manner, on the other hand actively and happily.


Yoga - between you and me


In order to further internalize this philosophy and to bring my students closer to the practice of yoga, the inner path, I continue to train. On the one hand through life itself - because everyone can be your teacher - and on the other hand through targeted further training around yoga.

My yoga training 500+ RYS includes

  • 200h basic training in the Inside Yoga Academy in Frankfurt am Main (AYA certified)

  • 200h Yin Yoga according to Markus Henning Giess in the Inside Yoga Academy in Frankfurt am Main and Sampurna in Schlangenbad (AYA and RYS certified)

  • 100h personal yoga training training at the Inside Yoga Academy in Frankfurt am Main (AYA certified)

  • 50h Inside Yoga advanced training The Upgrade Pt.1 in the Inside Yoga Academy in Frankfurt am Main (AYA certified)

  • 60h children's yoga training according to Thomas Bannenberg in Heidelberg (RYS certified)

  • 20h Yoga for Seniors / Yoga 50+ in the Balance Yoga Studio in Frankfurt am Main (RYS certified)

  • 15h advanced training sequencing to go at Timo Wahl Yoga (RYS certified)


  • 32h Thai massage training with Joachim Schulz from Medios Seminars in Offenbach am Main

  • 8h singing bowl massage with Heinz Friess from Medios Seminare in Offenbach on May

  • 16h The path of the shaman - Michael Harner's basic seminar in core shamanism with Paul David at the social pedagogical training center in Münster (certified)

  • Since summer 2019 I have also been training as a facilitator for integrative healing breathing (holotropic breathing) according to Stanislav Grof through Klaus John



... and many other workshops, seminars, life experiences as well as my own practice of self-experience, healing and inner journeys that have made me the teacher I am now.


I finished my basic training in summer 2016. I started yoga classes at the beginning of my training. Before my path into regular yoga practice 6 years ago, I studied German, sociology and political science at the Goethe University in Frankfurt. The path was not always smooth and many detours and stumbling blocks later I finally finished my studies in 2016 - knowing that this was not my way: I walked a parallel path for a long time. As an independent yoga teacher, I feel right now!

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