Personal Yoga-TRaining

Yoga personal training is more than just a yoga class with one person. This is very often misunderstood.

Every personal training session should be a very special experience and generate a unique energy in the process.

In order to ideally design personal yoga supervision, you have the opportunity to introduce yourself to me during a 30-minute introductory discussion (by phone or zoom). This results in the focal points and goals, according to which your individual concept is based on your needs.

I work with different techniques during the individual lessons. Yoga - holistically and universally viewed - has effects on the musculoskeletal system, the mental state, the emotional and energetic body. With the goal we set in mind, I intuitively find the right practice for you during the lesson. In personal training you will receive an hour that differs significantly from a group lesson in its essence and procedure.


Personal training is a gift to yourself!

As part of my personal yoga training (100h RYS) as well as many workshops, training courses and years of experience, a unique concept is created for you.

The content includes:

  • Muscle building, strength building, flexibility - preparation and correctly defined alignment of certain asanas

  • targeted practice for special complaints / needs (scoliosis, herniated discs, muscular imbalances, etc.)

  • Prevention and rehabilitation of physical pain

  • Pranayama, relaxation, meditation, individual yin practice

  • Acupressure, Thai massage techniques, osteopathic elements

  • Intuitive massage techniques, craniosacral applications

  • Creation of one or more yoga sequences (homework) for your own practice

For your private lesson I would be happy to come to you with all the necessary props.

You can contact me here for more information regarding private yoga classes, arranging an introductory meeting, creating a voucher or sending me a sample contract   also leave a personal message.

Prices :

Private yoga class  (75 minutes)                                                                                             95 euros*

* plus travel costs for a total journey over 5km 35 Ct per km driven

5 private yoga classes                                                                                                            450 euros

10 private yoga classes                                                                                                          900 euros

Each additional person +20 euros for the total price of an individual lesson

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