The Yoga I teach ...

Intuitive yoga is the yoga style that has developed through my own practice over the years. Our bodies are different - our daily form is too. That's why I sometimes teach the way I practice: intuitively.

I very often mix different styles and respond flexibly to the participants. An intuitive yoga class can therefore be playful, experimental, athletic but also traditional, inward-looking and deeply relaxed.

Each of us carries the knowledge of our own healing and well-being within us. Intuitive Yoga is based on this knowledge!

Inside-Yoga is a modern style of yoga according to Young-Ho Kim, who established his yoga academy in Frankfurt. Inside Yoga combines traditional yoga knowledge with evolutionary adjustments related to the anatomy of modern humans and alignment of the asanas.

Inside Yoga is about taking people as they are and helping them to release unimagined energies - according to the motto: all you need is inside.


As in other styles, breathing and movement flow continuously in harmony. The climax of a yoga sequence is then often an athletic asana, which has been specifically targeted beforehand.

Inside yoga is powerful and energetic, combined with music and always with a smile.

Yin Yoga is a yoga variant that is not called 'silent practice' for nothing. We live in an ever faster functioning world. Life and work are becoming more hectic and we are less and less able to get in touch with our deepest inner self. As a meditative yoga practice, which consists of long-lasting asanas that only stimulate the fascia and muscles, it aims not only at making the body more flexible.

By taking deep breaths throughout the practice, deep relaxation of the central nervous system is achieved. Through this and through the stimulation of the fascial tissue, the practitioner reaches a deeper state of consciousness and it is often very easy for him to release (suppressed) emotions in a gentle way.

Yin Yoga is so much more than what we call physical yoga. Every journey is different and that's why for me Yin Yoga has become the way to the true core of the self. I am always happy to accompany the participants on their travels.

Yoga on the chair / senior yoga

"Yoga ? THIS is nothing for me, I'm too old for that. I can’t contort myself like this anymore. "

I hear sentences like this very often as a yoga teacher. However, yoga is not about 'contortion', but much more about the joy of movement. It is often the case that people who start yoga are amazed at what they can (and still) do and not what they can no longer do.

This yoga is specifically designed for the needs of older people and takes into account any kind of restrictions. Tools such as chairs and yoga blocks make every yoga exercise a relaxing experience.

I teach Yoga 50+ and Yoga for Seniors both privately and in groups.

Children's yoga and yoga for teens

What could be nicer than combining yoga with stories and fantasy?

Especially at a time when our youngest children spend a lot of time sitting in schools, it is becoming more and more important that the little ones (and big ones!) Are able to grow up enjoying the exercise.

In children's yoga, asanas become a fun experience with the help of stories. Yoga doesn't always have to be calm and slow - yoga can also be loud, cheeky and fast!

Sometimes it's just about getting to know your own body and doing what you don't normally do in everyday life.

Sometimes it is a trip to distant countries or the children help shape the stories themselves. The lesson usually ends with a dream trip, which I like to adapt to the children's ideas in ongoing courses.


Yoga with adolescents is also about enjoying exercise. Music plays an important role here (eg hip hop yoga).

Sometimes children as well as adults have special needs - in this case I also offer personalized one- to-one training. Simply click and write down below and we will look for suitable dates.

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